What We Do

Welcome to Central Maine Winterizing Services, we serve the greater Bangor area. Here you will find information and services for tightening up your home or camp for the long, cold Maine winters. It is not uncommon to see 30 below zero in central Maine. If you don't take a proactive approach to preparing for the season, you can count on paying through the nose for heating fuel costs. Whether you're heating with Oil, Propane, Wood, or pellets, if you don't prepare you will pay more each month and still feel a drafty cold air in your home.

It is a fact that sealing up cracks around your doors and windows helps you in your battle for warmth. Even if you have brand new windows that have double panes with argon gas in between, you should still install plastic over the windows. Instead of two layers of protection, you will have a third layer. I will explain this in more detail further down. If you're not using weather stripping around your exterior doors, you are losing money. If your attic space does not have insulation, you are giving money away. With the cost of heating fuel on the rise as always, why do you let the heat (a.k.a. money) squeeze through the cracks.

We can help you save money, feel warmer, and reduce your footprint on a carbon scale. Our services help the winter feel a little more cozy, and let's you rest assured that you did everything in your power to save as much as possible. We can schedule a yearly cycle to help you keep your heat inside throughout each upcoming winter, then come again in the spring to remove and clean up. We handle each job as an independent, As each home has it's own ways of losing heat. We can identify, solve, and repair all air leaks that we may encounter during the inspection.

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Who we are

This is a family run business by two brothers both living in central Maine. We have been winterizing homes for friends and family, and now we can help you. This service we offer is for supplemental income as we both work full time jobs. One of us is a full-time cabinet maker/ carpenter. While the other has a full time handy man service. With quality and service at the top of both of our priorities, you can count on a superb, professional job, in a timely fashion. We generously accommodate around most work schedules.

What you can expect

The winterizing process will be a fast, courteous, quality service that will save you money. This is what you can count on when using us to protect your homes.
  • Professional, understanding, customer care
  • Reliable schedule minded people
  • Clean no trace service ( we will never leave a mess)
  • Quick, non-invasive treatments
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • A warmer home
How does this work?

First and foremost, we will need to determine if you want us to come by and assess, or if you already know exactly what you need done. By using the price list below you can easily figure the estimated cost of protecting your home. These prices include materials, labor, and fuel. Removal is an extra minimal cost come spring time.

This is how the process works:
  1. You call us and leave a message
  2. We return your call in a courteous, timely fashion
  3. Determine what needs to be done
  4. Schedule an appointment
  5. Assess or install
  6. Clean it all up in the spring.( removal )

Let's make an example below to better understand the flow of operations.

Our Scope of work.

Here you will find a list of services we offer. Some are pre-defined for pricing while others are on a job to job basis.

  • Crystal clear plastic on windows or doors

  • Sealing windows or doors from outside with caulk

  • Re-insulating around windows and doors (spray foam or fiber)

  • Insulating pipes

  • Sealing leaks in duct work

  • Finding drafts and sealing them

  • Repairing skirting around trailers

  • Apartment building assessments and repairs

  • Glazing older style windows

  • Insulating your water heater

There is much more that we are capable of doing, just call and ask. I am sure we can serve you confidently while saving you money in the long run.



5 windows of regular size  -  $57.50
2 Large windows  -  $26.00
1 bay window  -  $18.00
3 exterior doors Weather stripping  -  $24.00

For a total of $125.50 


5 Large windows that need plastic  -  $65.00
1 door to be sealed (plastic)  -  $18.00
and a drafty basement. (inspection)  -  $ Free
1 Large window Exterior needs caulk 1st floor  -  $5.00
Door sweep install  -  $18.00

For a total of $106.00


Not sure what I need, please come and assess.
We will come and assess your needs and determine how much of that you may or may not want to address. There is an assessment fee if we do not do the actual work.

No work contracted $30.00 assessment fee.

See our complete price list here

Who and Where we serve our community

We work within the Greater Bangor area and as far west as Pittsfield in towns such as:

Bucks port
Old town
Winter port

If you live within a reasonable distance from these towns give us a call.

We winterize: Homes, Apartments, Condos, and Businesses

Our services benefit the elderly/retirees, those with busy schedules, people that have disabilities, and plenty of people that just plain want to save money. If you are unsure if our services, give us a call and we can help you understand what we do.

Average savings

While the average American home can cost around $2,200/year to heat, here in Maine it costs closer to $3,000/year. This cost can be reduced up to 20% by properly insulating your home, and keeping your heat inside. That's a savings of nearly $600/year or $50.00/month.  In the central Maine economy that's equivalent to 3-4 hours of work per week out the window......literally!

You'll earn your money back before winter is half way over. $300.00 in savings average, and a cost of substantially less than that (less than one third), you're giving money away if you don't seal your home properly. You will also notice a difference in the comfort of your home. To keep those drafty floors at bay, you have to start at the sources. We will find and eliminate most air leaks for you.

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